Adding Ashi-Thai to any massage is greatly beneficial since your muscles will be warmed up.  

What is Ashi-Thai?

Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai massage and has been modified for the use of our overhead bars.  Ashi-Thai is performed without any oils or creams, and requires the client to wear loose flexible clothing, allowing the therapist to perform a combination of compression and passive stretches. In a session, the client relaxes on a comfortable massage table while the therapist stands on the table holding onto overhead bars for balance and support, using their feet to deliver the massage compression and apply deep stretches.

Some therapists refer to it as the “lazy person’s yoga” since the therapist performs stretches on the client. Clients of every age and size can benefit from this massage, famous for back and hip pain relief, increased flexibility, and deep relaxation. Please discuss with your massage therapist any potential health concerns before trying Ashi-Thai.

When done by a trained and certified deep feet massage therapist, like Jess, Ashi-Thai is safe, effective and painless, not to mention profoundly relaxing stretching technique. The amount of pressure is carefully monitored throughout the session and easily adjusted for the client’s comfort. The safety and well-being of the client is Jess’s foremost concern.

*Be sure to wear/bring comfy clothes to stretch in*

Ashi-Thai with Jess

Jess has added a new modality, it’s called Ashi-Thai.
A 30-minute session is $50.

Combine Massage & Ashi-Thai
30 minute massage/30minute Ashi-Thai – $95
1 Hour massage/30 minute Ashi-Thai- $130
90 Minute massage/30 minute Ashi-Thai – $170

* Gift certificates are only for massage, not to be applied or used on Ashi-Thai services.

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