Why massage? And why is it called therapy?

If you’ve ever looked at trees you’ve notices some stand straight up, while others are twisted and crooked as they reach for the sky.  This observation says a lot for us to reflect on.  For most our bodies start out limber and ready to reach the skies, meaning our movements are easy and pain free.

Working, walking, sitting and daily life put amazing stresses on our body.  Over time we learn to not stand as straight, reach as far and limit ourselves – we settle for our limitations which lead only to more discomfort and less healthy living.

Our symbol at Advanced Massage Therapies is the leaf of the banana tree.  When looking close you’ll see a straight spine, supporting perfectly aligned shoots going out in each direction.  We love this symbol because it tells the story that for best health we need to be aligned as well.

Our bodies can be like that crooked tree and we need therapy to help restore our bodies to greater comfort, and better and healthy living.  True, sometimes we will never be perfect – but the quality of living is greatly improved for those who seek out massage therapy.